What Are The Causes Of Mold Spores In the House?

Causes Of Mold Spores In the House

Mold spores are one of the oldest forms of life on earth, and they’re all around us every day. In fact, mold spores are in your home right now, floating in the air and causing no harm unless you have an allergy to them. Most people aren’t concerned about the presence of mold until it has grown into visible mold colonies or fungus on surfaces like walls, floors, or ceilings. Learn more about what the causes of mold spores in the house are here, and get the mold removal Hamilton done professionally.


Mold spores like moist, humid environments. To ensure there’s no mold growing in your home or apartment, make sure there’s adequate ventilation and that it doesn’t stay wet for extended periods of time. Pay special attention to areas like basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. If you have any leaks, immediately take action to fix them.

Food Source

Improperly stored, spoiled food is a good source of mold spores. If you can’t finish all that food from last night’s dinner, be sure to put it in a plastic container and store it in your refrigerator. Don’t forget to tightly close it, so no moisture gets inside. You should also make sure you’re storing any food properly—even if it means putting some miles on your car and taking things with you when you go away for a few days. In any case, if you notice mold growth, it is best to hire professionals for mold remediation Hamilton sooner.

Oxygen Supply

If your home isn’t well-ventilated, mold and mold spores can grow easily. Spores need oxygen to grow and reproduce; they will simply die out if you don’t provide it. To prevent them from taking over, open windows and turn on fans during humid months.


Of course, sometimes we don’t have a choice and need to leave our windows shut. In these cases, you’ll want to ensure that your home has plenty of good ventilation. Investing in an air purifier may also be a good idea. But when you can, opening up your windows is a great way to help prevent mold from forming inside your home.

Optimal Temperature

One reason why mold grows is that a home’s temperature and moisture levels don’t stay constant; they change according to season, time of day, and so on. If you don’t take these changes into account when setting your thermostat—say you keep it at 72°F all year long—you might be unwittingly growing mold (and not just in your bathroom). To prevent mold growth, make sure your thermostat can react to fluctuations.

Final Words

So, how can you prevent them from spreading throughout your home? Consider booking an appointment with a mold removal Hamilton professional today!

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