Attic Sheathing Remediations

Moulds are microscopic fungi that live on organic matter. They produce spores which can be air-borne, water-borne or insect-borne and are highly adapted to grow and rapidly reproduce under the right conditions. The 3 primary conditions mould spores require to grow are a warm environment (47-120 degrees F), nutrients (something to eat- organic matter) and moisture/water. A warm environment and nutrients are part of most indoor spaces. However, when there is excessive moisture mould will thrive.

Attics can be extremely moist environments and excellent breeding grounds for mould when lack of ventilation and excessive moisture exists. Attic deficiencies such as improper bathroom exhausts, blocked attic vents, improper insulation and lack of weather stripping on trapdoors can all significantly increase moisture and lead to mould growth. You may wonder why mould in your attic is a problem. It is a problem because if an attic has mould growing in it, those mould spores may travel throughout your home or business, into bedrooms, livings spaces and work environments, causing a number of health issues. Mould can be very toxic and have particularly strong health repercussions for children, the elderly and those with a weakened immune system or respiratory conditions.

So keeping the attic in your home or business free from mould and ensuring any property you purchase does not have mould in the attic is extremely important. This is where we come in. At Absolute Mould Remediation, our continued education, training of our team and our research into new technologies ensures we remain at the top of our industry.

We start our Attic Sheathing Remediations by creating a secure tented barrier between your home or office and its attic through containment and negative air pressure. This ensures mould spores do not spread from the infected areas throughout the rest of your home or business. The full removal of mould from the contained areas is done using a sodium hypochlorite or a hydrogen peroxide solution. Grinding and wire brushing of contaminated surfaces may also be performed to ensure all mould has been removed. Safe disposal of contaminated materials is done in strict compliance with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and our company Health and Safety Policy. A salt based high PH mould inhibitor is then applied to the remediated areas. This product is proactive against mould growing back and will remain sterile and protect the cleaned surfaces for years. This mould inhibitor is a clear coat not a paint or powder and will allow you to see clean natural surfaces and know that your treated areas are mould free.

At Absolute Mould Remediation, we are dedicated to performing the most professional and highest quality services in the industry today. Protecting your health and the safety of your home is not only our job but our commitment to you.

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