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    What Sets Absolute Mould Remediation Apart?

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    We Are Family Owned and Operated Company

    Residents and business owners all over Southern Ontario and Toronto, Hamilton and Burlington know that our reputation stands for itself; see more about this on our about page.

    As black mold and mold removal contractors, we grew up here, and continue to do so with our growing families. We love this province and take pride in our country. That is why our mold removal company wants to make your home or commercial property a safe place to live.

    Mold Testing and Inspection Company Hamilton

    Our services have been developed and fine-tuned with over 20 years of practical experience. As a family owned and operated business, we care about family values. Your safety and security is what matters most to us. We are always continuing our education to ensure our patented anti mould formulas are the best, and using new innovative tools for black mould removal.

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    From our first point of contact to project completion, you can expect:

    • Seamless communication
    • Absolute transparency and honesty
    • Second to none reliability
    • Minimal interference within your daily lives
    • Guaranteed flawless quality and workmanship

    Equipped with the newest technology and equipment, we are confident that we can provide a quick and affordable solution specially designed for your unique situation. We have Pinchin and CMR/CMRS mould removal certificates. We work closely with our Environmental Consultants to determine the extent of the mould infiltration and establish and maintain the highest level of remediation procedures, by following all IICRC and EACO standards.

    Services We Provide

    We serve Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, the GTA and Cottage Country

    At Absolute Mould Remediation we’re not satisfied unless our customers are! Your satisfaction is what drives us. We listen intently to meet the requests and concerns of both our employees and customers; from mold inspection, air quality testing, to mold removal.

    Attic Sheathing Remediations

    Don't let your attic be a source of dangerous molds.

    Mold Remediation

    Let us take care of this toxic element that thrives in homes and places of business and often goes undetected to the untrained eyes.

    Air Quality Testing Toronto

    Toxic molds can become air borne if disturbed and travel throughout your property producing serious health issues. Because of this, air quality testing maybe required to understand the full extent of mold contamination in your home or business.

    Infrared Thermal Imaging

    Hot or cold spots can be indicators of potential issues in your home or business. The infrared camera is designed to allow efficient scanning of your property to assist in detecting these problem areas.

    Cottage Mold Removal

    Proximity to lakes and rivers can significantly increase moisture levels in cottages and complicate a remediation. As certified mold remediators and cottage owners ourselves, we are keenly aware of these issues and uniquely qualified to provide you with the best remediation services available as well as valuable tips on preventative maintenance.

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    Attic sheathing remediations, mold remediations, mold inspections, air quality testing, infrared thermal imaging, cottage mold removal, disinfection and sanitization services in Toronto, the GTA and Ontario.

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    Mold is a natural and pervasive form of fungus, found both indoors and outdoors. While this variety is a natural part of our environment, certain types of it can prove to be dangerous. Some species of mold exist everywhere. These mold release tiny spores in order to reproduce. Mold spores continuously float in the air, regardless if you're indoors or outdoors. If a mold spore lands on a damp spot, it might start to grow and digest what it is currently sitting on in order to survive. Excessive moisture, either from inside or outside, will trigger mold growth in indoor places like wood, paper, carpet, etc. If you identify mold growth, you can hire Absolute Mold Remediation Ltd. for mold removal in Toronto.

    Mold can sometimes emit a musty odor. Often, mold grows in basements, attics, under carpets, in closets or crawlspaces, and behind walls. As a result, mold can leave stains on walls, ceilings, and furniture, which can often be visible due to discoloration. White, black, brown, green, tan, and purple are all indicative colours of mold growth. It should be noted that, for the most part, mold tends to manifest as discoloration of the surface. So, if you find any of these symptoms, then it’s time to hire professionals for mould removal in Toronto.

    Painting over mold will not work to solve your problem. If you don't remove the mold from the source, then painting and cleaning will be pointless.

    The mold will re-grow on the paint and the spores, which are typically invisible to the naked eye, will remain active even if they are found elsewhere other than their original contaminant point.

    The variety of molds that feast on paint is great, since paint is often plastered on sheetrock which happens to be a favorite food source for them. Paint is an organic-based product…that's one of the reasons molds love it so much. So, instead of painting the surface, you can hire us for mold remediation in Toronto.

    Individuals with asthma or allergies may be more sensitive to molds. Mild to moderate reactions may include a skin rash, a running nose, eye irritation, coughing, nasal congestion, or an exacerbation of asthma. People who may be more sensitive to the effects of mold include the elderly, infants and children, and persons with impaired immune systems. There are many common types of mold that can produce a type of toxin known as mycotoxins. If people are exposed to high levels of mycotoxins they can experience toxicity, such as fatigue, nausea, headaches, and irritation of the lungs and eyes. If you or someone in your family suspects that a mold exposure caused a health problem, consult with your physician and our expert team to perform mold removal in Toronto.

    There are many factors that determine how long the mold removal process will take, such as how much mold is present, where it's located, and what material it's on. It usually takes from 1 day to 5 days. If you have any questions about the remediation process or attic mold removal Toronto, please don't hesitate to call us!