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    Mold is characterized by a musty odor and if you detect any signs of mold in your house, it is best to call a professional mold inspection and removal company. At Absolute Mold Remediation, we have expertise in mold inspections and removal process. Make the best decision to safeguard your home from mold infestation by seeking professional help from Absolute Mold Remediation. For more information, you can contact us or call us at 1-800-578-1291.

    What causes Mold to grow in Maple?

    The most common cause of mold infestation in your house is moisture. Although there are other elements involved in the growth of mold, but moisture sets the stage for mold spores to spread quickly. There are several ways moisture can accumulate in an area, few of which are excessive humidity, water leaks through pipes and poor ventilation. All these elements combined together with warmth and darkness; create a perfect environment for mold to grow. Mold thrives on organic materials like paper, leather, food and drywall.

    Not all molds are toxic but some species can pose serious health symptoms. Common health problems that prolonged exposure to mold in house have been known to cause respiratory problems, nausea, nasal congestion, sore throat, severe coughing and irritation of eyes, skin, and nose. Because mold spores are minute, it is not safe to live in houses with mold infestation.

    What is the Solution?

    When it comes to mold, prevention is definitely better than a cure. Rather than falling a prey to mold, it is best to take stringent measures to avoid mold in the first place. Keeping humidity levels low, keeping off moisture and proper ventilation are few of the practices to adopt in daily lives.

    What to expect from Mold Inspection and Removal Company Maple, ON

    Our mission is to provide clean and safe indoor environment to homes in Maple. As IICRC Certified Mold Removal Company in Maple, we adopt strict industry protocols and safety measures during mold removal process. We provide an extensive range of services aimed to improve indoor air quality. We deploy state of the art techniques and equipment to effectively remediate your home or workspace from mold attack. Our experts will guide you through the entire mold remediation process providing transparent and affordable solutions to your unique needs.

    Services we provide in Maple, ON

    Mold Inspection and Testing Maple

    If you believe your home is mold infested, feel free to contact us. Our experts will walk you through the entire range of options available to you. We only send trained and certified staff to your home who have immense experience conducting mold inspections.

    Mold Removal and Remediation Maple

    Having a professional perform mold removal process guarantees that mold is eliminated for sure. We use state of the art equipment and techniques to completely remove mold from your property leaving your house smelling fresh and safe.

    Air Quality Testing

    If you are really concerned about the air quality at your home, we can conduct a thorough indoor air testing to make sure you are breathing safe air.

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