Cottage Mold Removal

Cottage mold removal serviceProximity to lakes and rivers can significantly increase moisture levels in cottages and complicate a remediation. The infrequent use and /or lack of permanent residency can also decrease air flow in a cottage exacerbating moisture and increasing the risk of mold. Mold becomes a problem when moisture is present, creating an ideal environment for the fungus to grow. The risk of mold increases in places that are more exposed to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, attics and basements. When these areas are located close to lakes and rivers this risk increases exponentially.

Staining and blistering of paint and drywall as well as odour can be signs of moisture and potential mold issues in your cottage. As certified mold remediators and cottage owners ourselves, we are keenly aware of these issues and uniquely qualified to provide you with the best remediation services available as well as valuable tips on preventative maintenance. For a detailed explanation of our remediation process please click on “Mold Remediations” in our services section.