Services We Provide

Attic Sheathing Remediations

Don't let your attic be a source of dangerous molds.

Mold Remediation

Let us take care of this toxic element that thrives in homes and places of business and often goes undetected to the untrained eyes.

Air Quality Testing Toronto

Toxic molds can become air borne if disturbed and travel throughout your property producing serious health issues. Because of this, air quality testing maybe required to understand the full extent of mold contamination in your home or business.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Hot or cold spots can be indicators of potential issues in your home or business. The infrared camera is designed to allow efficient scanning of your property to assist in detecting these problem areas.

Cottage Mold Removal

Proximity to lakes and rivers can significantly increase moisture levels in cottages and complicate a remediation. As certified mold remediators and cottage owners ourselves, we are keenly aware of these issues and uniquely qualified to provide you with the best remediation services available as well as valuable tips on preventative maintenance.

Why Choose Us for Attic Mold Removal

  • Family owned and operated. We can relate and your family’s health is our top priority.
  • Environmentally friendly. No harsh, toxic chemicals to keep operating costs down here.
  • Customer satisfaction counts. We believe in people and we are dedicated to you.
  • Safety is serious. We strictly comply with the Ontario Health and Safety Act.
  • Serving you since 1997. We have a consistent track record and stand behind our work.

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