Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermal Imaging detectionInfrared thermal imaging measures the surface temperature of a building using infrared cameras (still and video). Infrared thermal imaging devices record temperature variations of the building envelope, where whitish areas are warm and darkish areas are cool. In an attic, for example, infrared images can indicate where insulation is inadequate or simply poorly installed. If you have a leak in your home around a window, on a ceiling or below a toilet, thermal imaging can help to determine how far the water has spread. And because thermal imaging is such an advanced technology, an inspector can uncover and reveal far more using it than can be done during a conventional inspection. Imaging reports are detailed and precise allowing the inspection as a whole to be extremely comprehensive. Above all, the data results are actionable, making it very straight forward to proceed with required repairs, retrofits and remediation work. No other diagnostic equipment can compare with the depth and range of an infrared assessment.