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    What Causes Mold in Woodbridge?

    If you can smell a musty smell in your Woodbridge home, it is probably the mold infestation. Mold is a result of excessive humidity and moisture. It is most likely to be found in bathrooms, kitchens, or basement and can spread to other areas as well. Under the right conditions, a tiny mole spore can quickly grow in your Woodbridge house and can lead to some serious consequences. Left untreated, mold exposure can cause your eyes, skin, and lungs to irritate and has the potential to cause health problems to ones suffering from Asthma and allergies.

    What is the Solution?

    If you feel your Woodbridge home is mold infested, it’s time to call professional mold removal Company. Absolute Mold Remediation has been into mold removal business for several years and has the right expertise to handle any mold removal project. We bring immense experience and combination of right equipment & training to help our clients get rid of mold. We conduct thorough Mold Inspection and Testing in your Woodbridge home and generate a plan to remove it safely.

    As a leading mold removal company in Woodbridge, we offer a complete suite of mold remediation services including Air Quality Testing, post mold removal repairs, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Water and Fire Restoration services. For more information, you can contact Absolute Mold Remediation or call us at 1-800-578-1291.

    Why choose Mold Inspection and Removal Company Woodbridge, ON

    At Absolute Mold Remediation our mission to ensure a healthy indoor environment for Woodbridge homes and offices while focusing on safety, transparency, and affordability.

    Local Woodbridge Mold Removal Experts

    Licensed & Certified Mold Inspections

    We are IICRC certified Mold Inspectors and strive to provide high-quality mold inspections to all our clients in Woodbridge area. We stand behind the services we offer in order to safeguard your Woodbridge home. When working with Absolute Mold Remediation you can expect complete peace of mind, knowing you and family are safe from the harmful effects of mold.

    Latest Technology and Safety Equipment

    Our professional mold removal staff utilizes state of the art technology to keep your Woodbridge home and property clean and safe from mold. With our expertise and latest equipment, we provide comprehensive mold inspections in minimal time without compromising accuracy and quality. We follow strict remediation and safety guidelines to treat even the worst of mold infestations.

    Services we provide in Woodbridge

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