Typical areas of Mold Growth in the House

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The invasion of molds in your house can be a very unpleasant experience. They can eat up all the materials of your house, ranging from ceilings to floorboards. This mold growth problem is highly prevalent in houses where the ventilation requirements are not met, and the house starts to trap humidity. Thus a humid environment is ideal for the growth of the mold spores, which come visible to the human eye once they surpass a specific limit. If the problem is left unchecked, it can entirety collapse the structure of your houses, making it unsuitable for your living. It can crumble the pieces of the houses that are not checked for years, and then they entirely break down.

In addition, the molds not only destroy the house’s structure but cause severe health issues, which may completely take a toll on your health. When we come in contact with mold spores, we may see allergic reactions in our bodies. The underlying health conditions such as lung infections and asthma are triggered once the person contacts the mold spores. A regular mold inspection will reduce this problem eventually and keep your house safe and secure from mold growth.

This the growth of molds is never good for your houses. Molds are found everywhere and can be entirely an eyesore. Mold is a category of fungus that floats in the air and needs an ideal temperature to grow indoors. With time, the mold spored becomes very evident and starts to reproduce. Stagnant water leakages fuel the growth of the mold spores in the environment and then trap the surrounding areas. The mold issue may become undetectable until the damp and musty odor takes off your senses. Thus our house is the breeding ground for mold growth, and there are various surfaces where the development of molds is highly prevalent. Let us discuss here the few areas of mold growth in the house.

The kitchen area: The kitchen in our houses is very stuffy and damp. The kitchen area is not always well ventilated and meets the appropriate conditions for mold growth. If the seals of the kitchen are wet and not properly checked, black molds need no time to thrive and take place in that area. If the problem is neglected, the molds will make a trip into your food and get inside your body, leading to severe health problems. The dishes in the kitchen must be properly dried, and the cabinet under the sink must be brushed off at regular intervals.

The bathroom area: Our bathroom is the area where the moisture level is always high in content. It has so many sources of water and is always dark and dull. It is imperative to keep a check on the walls and near the bathtub area. The wet areas must be kept dry and often wiped off. The detection of the problem in the early stage will keep the issue in control, and the natural home remedies will work well for you.

The living room and bedroom area: The living room and the bedroom may not be the undeniable places suspected of mold growth, but some instances can lead to a humid environment in such sites. The piles of papers and the wooden furniture can lay hold of the mold spores and destroy them. The potted and indoor plants must be watered up to a specific limit, and the area near the ac unit must be kept dry. The filters of the ac must be checks after one or two months to detect if there is an underlying problem. The carpets must also be cleaned and dried regularly so that the water doesn’t seep into the foundation. Such timely measures will save our house structure from collapsing.

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