The Scary Side of Mold: 5 Symptoms of Mold Exposure You Should Know

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A mold infestation in your home or workplace can be dangerous. Exposure to mold has been linked to respiratory problems, headaches, mood swings, and more. If you think you might have mold in your home or workplace and are experiencing any of the following symptoms described below, it’s time to call in the professionals of mold removal in Woodbridge and eradicate the infestation as soon as possible.


Coughing is one of most common symptoms associated with mold exposure, usually because an irritant such as mold spores has found its way into your respiratory system. If you cough after returning from a damp environment (for example, if you’ve been working in a home that contains mold or water damage) that coughing could be caused by mold exposure. In some cases, chronic coughing can lead to more serious health problems such as lung disease. If mold infestation is the culprit, sign up for mold removal in Woodbridge soon.


One of mold’s most common side effects is headaches. Stachybotrys chartarum, a type of toxic mold, can produce mycotoxins that are harmful to your immune system and cause chronic fatigue as well as migraines and chronic headaches. When exposed to these toxins over time, they become more acute and more frequent. If you experience long-term nausea or migraines after water damage in your home, it could be because of mold.


One possible sign that you’re being exposed to mold is a rash. If you notice an itchy red patch on your skin that doesn’t go away when you scratch it, see a doctor to get it checked out. It could be caused by mold allergies. Another type of rash that might indicate mold exposure is called scabies, which can appear as small bumps or blisters and often appears in clusters.

Dizziness and nausea:

Dizziness and nausea are common among people who are exposed to mold. Dizziness is more common than nausea, but both symptoms signal exposure. When it comes to dizziness due to mold exposure, there are two potential causes: allergic reactions and aspergillus infection. Allergic reactions usually present themselves as light-headedness or a feeling of vertigo. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact the experts for mold remediation in Woodbridge immediately to prevent long-term health effects.


Many people who’ve been exposed to mold will complain about feeling chronically tired and fatigued. While you might attribute these feelings to stress or a side effect of your current medications, the chances of mold exposure cannot be ruled out. If you’re noticing that you’re feeling more tired than usual, it might be time to check for mold.

Exposure to mold can lead to plenty of health issues, but you may not realize the same until it’s too late. Mold thrives in damp and humid conditions, so even if you don’t see signs of mold on your walls or window sills, that doesn’t mean they are not present. Get in touch with a professional specialized in attic mold removal in Woodbridge and they will help you out.

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