Natural ways that might help get rid of Mold in your Home

Employee inspecting for mold in ceiling.

Good health dawns from a clean house. House maintenance and cleaning are fundamental since it keeps the surroundings refreshed and bright. A clean and well-organized house is known to attract positivity and keep you away from all kinds of ailments and health issues. To maintain the decorum of the house, it is essential to spend a little on maintenance and the upkeep of the home. When we become negligent molds, tend to appear in the place. Mold spores are very minute and are not apparent to the naked eye.

As modern homes are narrowing in size, mold can easily thrive through the air as airtight homes carry a lot of moisture. They may not even come to our notice and float in the air everywhere. This becomes a big issue when the concentration of mold in the place is more than required. Molds need a damp and humid environment to establish and grow in large numbers. Molds can creep along the edged or can quickly sprout from any surface of the walls or ceilings.

Mold growth is prevalent in the area where the water is stagnant and leakages occur. Once the water accumulation takes places, and the pipe is leaked, there is a good chance of mold growth. Wintry days and cold days is the breeding ground for molds to grow as the house is kept locked and the ventilation requirements are not met. Molds can grow on every surface, may it be wall, ceiling or book piles. It can destroy the look of your house and spoil its structural integrity. Most of the mold growth is hidden, but in some cases, you can detect it through the signs of discolouration over the area. If you notice the apparent signs such as patches of orange, black, and green, you can take necessary precautions to stop spreading to the surrounding areas. Besides this, can it cause severe health risks and other kinds of infectious diseases. It is very challenging to rid of mold growth, but here are some home remedies that can help you in the way.

Vinegar as the best removal agent: Vinegar is found to be the most effective mold killer. You can add the vinegar with distilled water in some bottle and directly spray onto the targeted area. If the odour of the vinegar is irritating, you can add some essential oils to prevent the foul smell. You have to keep the vinegar for few hours in the place and then brush it off.

Use tea tree oil solution: Tea tree oil solution is the natural and the most helpful way to eliminate molds. This is a little more expensive than the other variants, but the results come out to be outstanding. This is an eco-friendly method, and the two spoons of tea oil mixed with some water can work well. The properties of the tea oil can efficiently serve to kill the molds and prevent its further growth.

Baking soda as mold removal agent: Baking soda has long been known for a multitude of uses, from absorbing foul odours to relieving us from various health issues. Baking soda can absorb the moisture that creates and attracts molds. It is a natural disinfectant and carries mold removal properties. You can use it by adding a spoon of baking soda to the spray bottle of water and shake it well till it dissolves . After you have made this fine solution spray it over the area where you see the growth of molds and let it dry for some time.

Treating mold using hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide can effectively kill the fungus and the surface bacteria that cause infections. It can kill yeast, fungi, bacteria and mold spores. Using hydrogen peroxide is the best treatment to kills the mold spores over almost every area, such as kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, hardwood floors, counters etc. Again mixing the hydrogen peroxide in the spray bottle of water and sprinkle over the targeted area and full force, wipe off with a piece of cloth.

Lemon used as a natural cleaning agent: Lemons are the natural stain removers and cleaners and are best for treating black molds in your house. The high concentration of acid in lemons are used to break down the molds and leave the area disinfected.

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