Mold Remediation: 6 Rookie Mistakes You Shouldn’t Do to Get Rid of Mold

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Mold remediation in your home should be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. The last thing you want is to spend weeks removing mold from your home only to find that they have come back and need to be remediated at additional cost to you. Experts always recommend that you hire a professional mold removal Toronto company rather than doing it yourself. If you go the DIY route, here are six of the worst things you can do when trying to clean up after mold grows in your home.

Failing To Act Quickly:

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The first and arguably most important mistake you can make is failing to act quickly. If you think you might have a mold problem, the sooner you start taking steps to remediate the issue, the better. Not only will acting quickly prevent further damage to your property, but it will also make the remediation process easier and less expensive.

As soon as you find out about the issue, act immediately by contacting professionals. They will inspect your home and assess what needs to be done. They can help determine how quickly they need to work and how much damage has been done to your property. Once they know what needs attention, they can move forward with the necessary steps.

Painting Over Mold:

Many people think that they can simply paint over mold and be done with it. Unfortunately, this does not work. The mold will eventually come back, and it will be even harder to get rid of the second time around. Not to mention, the mold will continue to cause damage to your home. For example, it might destroy a wall or ceiling by leaking toxic substances into it.

And when you look at the problem closely, you’ll see that the surface is now covered in more mold spores. After trying to cover up their mistake, many homeowners make another one by using bleach as an attempt to kill all of the mold spores. But this only makes things worse because bleach also damages walls and ceilings in addition to killing off good bacteria in your air ducts. If you’re thinking about covering up your problem instead of fixing it, don’t do it!

Not Paying Attention to the Root Cause of the Problem:

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The first and arguably most important step in mold remediation in Toronto is to find the source of the moisture that’s causing the mold growth and fix it. Without addressing the root cause, you’re just treating the symptoms, and the mold will come back. Sure, you can kill off some mold spores with harsh chemicals or antimicrobial agents, but eventually they’ll come back and create an even bigger problem than before!

For example, if you have a water leak coming from your roof into your basement, then you should fix this leak before you try to remove the mold. You can’t get rid of the mold without fixing the source of moisture.

Exposing Yourself to Harmful Mold:

Another dangerous mistake you can make is exposing yourself to harmful mold. This can happen if you try to remove mold yourself without the proper safety gear, or if you enter a contaminated area without taking the proper precautions.

If you come into contact with mold, it can cause serious respiratory problems, skin irritation, and even neurological damage. Experts of mould removal in Toronto wear protective gear that covers the whole body when entering any contaminated area. Also, be sure to keep all people and pets out of the contaminated area so they don’t become exposed as well.

Assuming Mold is Easily Visible:

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Several homeowners simply assume that mold is always visible. Just because you can’t see mold doesn’t mean it’s not there, and ignoring hidden mold can cause serious health problems. If you suspect there might be mold in your home, it’s important to have a professional inspection and air quality testing in Toronto.

The only way to know for sure if mold is present is by using specialized equipment that detects invisible spores. Other places where you may find mold are along windowsills or vents, behind furniture or baseboards, or inside walls. There are many steps to take when dealing with hidden mold, but the most important first step is removing moisture from the area.

Not Hiring a Professional:

One of the worst mistakes you can make is not hiring a professional mold remediation company. DIY mold removal is a bad idea for several reasons. First, mold can be extremely dangerous to your health. Second, it can be very difficult to find and remove all the mold in your home. And as mentioned above, even if you do manage to remove the mold, it will likely come back unless you address the underlying moisture problem that caused it in the first place. There are plenty of reputable companies with years of experience. Find one in your area using our directory and hire them today!

Attic mold removal in Toronto can be an incredibly complicated process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Because of this, many homeowners choose to try their hand at it themselves, which almost always results in the growth of more mold and additional problems. Instead of attempting to handle mold remediation on your own, hire a qualified mold removal service for optimal results.

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