Know these 5 Causes of Mold Growth in Basements

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A basement can be the perfect place to stash your belongings out of sight and off your mind, but if you’re dealing with mold growth in your basement, it might not be so easy to ignore anymore. Mold growth has the potential to get out of hand quickly, leading to costly renovations and even health risks. To help you avoid these problems and keep your basement mold-free, make note of these four causes described by the experts of mold removal in Burlington.

Too Much Moisture:

Moisture is a common reason for mold growth. Common places with excess moisture include: leaky HVAC systems, backed-up basement drains, or rotting wood. Don’t let a little water turn into a big problem. To help prevent mold from growing in your home, make sure any leaks are fixed and you have sufficient ventilation to help keep air circulating. If you do experience basement mold growth despite taking these steps, contact mold removal Burlington services for help.

Old Pipes:

If you have an older home with corroded, lead-based pipes, mold growth is inevitable. You may also know that its hard to keep these pipes clean, as they are difficult to reach. Luckily, your plumber can remove and replace these old pipes for you to avoid any further problems.

If your pipes are already damaged and leaking, it’s a good idea to call a professional immediately. They can help minimize damage and prevent mold from spreading. Don’t forget to make them aware of other water issues in your home that could contribute to the presence of mold.

Not Enough Ventilation:

Most basements are naturally airtight, so most homeowners don’t consider ventilation a problem until mold starts to grow. If you want to avoid mold growth in your basement, be sure you’re using fans to ventilate at least once a day, either by opening windows or using fans. Mould removal Burlington experts can recommend installing exhaust ductwork and use it as an alternative source for removing stale air from your basement. This provides efficient cooling during hot weather and improves indoor air quality year-round.

Poor Drainage:

Moisture is one of mold’s favorite ingredients, so any areas that don’t have good drainage are prime targets for mold growth. Make sure you don’t store water-related items in your basement. If there is poor drainage in your basement and water pools on it, you can expect to see some nasty green stuff grow. An easy fix for poor drainage is to install a sump pump and a backup pump if needed. Also keep a dehumidifier running on damp days to reduce moisture levels.

If you’re concerned about mold growth in your basement, it’s important to identify the root cause and take steps to remove it from your home. Hire a reputable mold remediation Burlington company that knows how to deal with this problem.

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