Home Remedies to Prevent Mold in your House

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Molds are a type of fungus that naturally grows in which nature break organic matter down and new life emerges. Molds can be very dangerous and can grow in any place like closets, basements, carpet, drywall, food, ceiling, wooden furniture tiles etc. Moisture is the main reason behind the mold, in dark damp and dreary weather your home can become a breeding ground for molds and mildew. They can also lead to serious health risks as well as sinus infection, headaches, eyes irritation, skin irritation, throat irritation respiratory problems and can also include sneezing, stuffy nose, cough etc.

Molds are a serious problem for any house which can cause serious health issue and can also ruin your furniture and can destroy your home structure. It is important to audit your home regularly and identify the problem areas in your house and correct them. You need to address the problem immediately.

Molds cannot be destroyed but can be prevented and here are some home remedies which can be done to prevent your house from molds

Dry wet areas –

Molds commonly grown in wet or moist area so track the wet and dry such areas immediately.  Whether it is seepage in basement from a heavy rainfall, accumulation of water from leaky pipes, or even a spill of water onto the carpet, the water should be dried with in time otherwise it can help the mold to grow. Never leave wet items on the ground, floor and walls of your house. If in case you experience flood always remove the wet carpets and furniture immediately form your house.

Proper ventilation

Your home should have proper ventilation; your day to day activities can help and encourage molds to grow. Your simple activities like cooking, bathing, doing laundry can invite molds if proper ventilation is not there, so make sure there should be proper ventilation in your kitchen, bathrooms etc. Always open windows or exhaust fans while cooking or bathing. You can also use AC units and dehumidifiers especially in humid climate.

Monitor humidity

Always keep an eye on the humidity level of your house as molds grow faster in moisture so keep the places dry. One can also install hygrometer in your house to check the moisture level and can work accordingly if it increases. You can use dehumidifier as it helps in removing moisture from the air and can help you to prevent molds.

Vacuum and dust

Always keep your house vacuumed and dusted as this will remove mole spores and will stop them to enter your home. You can also run filters and air purifiers as they also eliminate molds spores to grow.  Filters can be used in damp areas, bathrooms, kitchens, basements and near entryways.

 Keep door closed

As kitchen and bathroom are the most common place where molds can easily grow.  Don’t leave bathrooms door open  while taking shower as the steam can travel around easily and can hamper your rooms and other places. Allow natural light to come into your house as molds grow in dark.

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