Mold Inspections

A secure environment means comfort, convenience, great health, and safety for you and the people around you – and that’s our primary concern at Absolute Mould Remediation. We provide an extensive range of indoor environmental solutions in Toronto and all over Southern Ontario that includes air quality testing and inspections, thermal/ infrared roof inspections, mold detection, and black mould removal.

Fully certified and well equipped with top of the line technologies, our specialists can inspect your home or commercial property exposing structural issues, potential health hazards and costly building deficiencies. From getting rid of contaminants to effective remediation of affected structures, your guide towards a much improved living, work or commercial space begins with us. With the certified inspectors of Absolute Mould Remediation, you’ll be aware of various environmental and structural concerns surrounding your home or commercial establishment.

We can check for moisture and damp insulation on roofs through non-invasive thermal and infrared inspections. We can likewise determine the existence of pollutants and allergens in your area that may be putting your health at risk. Our team is precise, thorough, and proceeds with a practical approach with each project, providing you with the right information every time coupled with the ideal recommendation and solutions. In addition to air quality inspection, we can also help protect you and your household from the dangers of black mould through meticulous mold inspection and removal. As a serious risk, mould can expose you and your family to health problems such as allergies, respiratory distress, asthma and so much more. With Absolute Mould Remediation, we’ll find the root cause of the mold growth, carry out a careful mold removal procedure, and prevent mold from spreading elsewhere in your home. Enjoy a safe and healthy environment with proper assistance from the experts of Absolute Mould Remediation.