Effective Ways to Prevent Growth of Mold in Your Home

Where the mold is good for the decomposition of organic matter in nature, on the other hand its presence inside the home can lead to severe problems to homeowners. It is a type of fungus that can grow at any place in the presence of excess moisture. Mold spores are too small and can be inhaled into the lungs. Exposure to high levels of mold can lead to severe health issues such as eye irritation, coughing, skin irritation, throat irritation, and nasal stuffiness. Also, people who already suffer from allergies and asthma are more sensitive to mold.

Further, mold can grow anywhere, be it on carpets, clothes, backside of drywalls or above the ceiling. It looks unwelcoming and harms the curb appeal of your home. So if you don’t want your health and your home’s look to be compromised because of mold, then make sure to take preventive measures to prevent its growth.

Now, you might be wondering how to detect the mold that is present at hidden places. For that, get indoor air quality tested by professionals twice a year. They can successfully dig out the presence of mold and can help in its removal.

Probing further, the following are some helpful tips by a pro to prevent the growth of mold.

  1. Dry out wet areas immediately – Mold only grows in the presence of moisture, so dry wet spots instantly. Whether it is minor liquid spill or accumulation of water from a leaking pipe, make sure to dry it within 24 to 48 hours. In case you have experienced a flood in your area, and your home is affected by it, then don’t leave wet items lying inside the house. Remove all the wet carpets and furniture immediately.
  • Have proper ventilation – Your daily activities at home may lead to the growth of mold. Even your simplest activity, such as taking a bath, can create the right conditions to encourage mold growth. So, make sure to have proper ventilation in your kitchen, bathroom and other high-moisture areas. Additionally, use dehumidifiers and AC units in your home to control moisture levels.
  • Keep a check on humidity indoors – According to experts, the indoor humidity should be between 30 to 60% and should not go beyond that. To monitor the humidity level, all you need to do is to install moisture meter in your home. It will show the moisture level and will also warn you in the humidity cross the limits.
  • Maintain your roof gutters in a sound state – Damaged gutters and leaky roof can lead to a serious mold problem. So, make sure that your gutters are cleaned regularly, and all the gutter damages are repaired on time.

However, if even after applying all the preventive measures you notice symptoms of mold inside your home, contact mold remediation experts immediately. They will inspect your home for the presence of mold and will help you in getting rid of it completely.

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