9 Key Tips for Hiring the perfect Mold Remediation Contractor

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Are you tired of facing mold problem at your home? Are you finding ways to curb the problem forever? Don’t worry anymore. Houses that have high moisture due to improper ventilation or high amount of water accumulation generally get caught in its hands. To eliminate this issue from its core, it is necessary to hire an expert mold remediation contractor who has the right experience and expertise in this field.

Perhaps searching for the best mold remediation contractor seems to be quite daunting and requires your good time and effort on research. Following are some essential and easy tips that would surely be helpful while hiring the right mold remediation contractor who is well-suited to handle the problem of mold removal at your place:


  • Provision of guarantees/warranties

Knowing the warranty period of the products being used by the workers is mandatory besides asking for the contractor’s workmanship guarantee to be assured that you are handling the mold remediation in the safe hands of a good contractor.


  • Contractors possess a valid license

Licensed contractors are the right guys who will work legitimately guaranteeing you a quality service in return. Don’t forget to ask for a valid license number of the contractor before making a final deal.


  • Look for BBB ratings of the contractor

BBB (Better Business Bureau) sets the ratings for different contractors starting from A+ (highest) to F (lowest). A true insight of the right contractor can be found here from its reputation to the number of complaints filed against him.


  • Always go for a written contract

A written agreement is a formal proof of your bond with the mold remediation contractor which not only encloses all the details of the agreement but also ensures acceptance to all the terms and conditions decided by both parties.


  • Go for a contractor offering pre/post indoor air quality testing

A good contractor always conducts a pre and post indoor air quality testing to detect molds present at your place. This is important for controlling the mold remediation which is helpful in saving your precious time.

  • Mold Remediation using safe cleaning products only

Eco-friendly or natural products should be used instead of the ones that contain toxic chemicals. The contractor must be asked if they use safe products so that your family’s health is not compromised.

  • Estimation of cost in advance

The contractor should be asked about different costs involved like the cost for testing, mold removal, labor cost etc. and also you should ask if all these costs are included prior in the cost estimation provided or not.

  • Count the number of years of experience

A contractor who possesses an excellent work track in handling mold remediation is the contractor that you must consider for your work as he holds the right knowledge to get rid of this problem.

  • Checking previous customer reviews and testimonials is a must

A reliable contractor is the one who proudly shares his names of references and previous customers. You must go for a contractor who holds a renowned name in the market besides proficiency.

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